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Needing a name….

But before it’s named, I want to share some of the calm and tranquil of the cabin that dad and John Miller created behind the Kamama gallery they run. Mom keeps calling it “Julia’s Cabin” only because I’ve asked her not to. It’s absolutely a cabin that will be enjoyed by many — but I’m admittedly already looking forward to going back. The photos are courtesy of Suzan Buckner— because, yes, I forgot to take my camera. (Maybe I was using that as an excuse to go back up?)

Without further ado …

Here is the link to some pictures. Now help me name it please.


MLK day

Just pointing out how much I love the fact that MLK day has transitioned into a day of community activity and service. I mean, sure, everyone wants just a day off — but the impact of getting out and working for an organization or event that helps those in your community speaks more to the message that (perhaps) Martin Luther King Jr. would advocate. (I only say perhaps because I didn’t know the man. But have you heard anything he said? Read any of his speeches? Well, I think we can all make the leap that he would love the fact we celebrate his life by participating in his dream.)

Unfortunately I have to work. So please, if you can, get out there and pick up trash in front of your home (wear gloves) or take something useful to a shelter. Or go the extra mile and participate in an event and be part of a team. However big or small, it may have the potential to positively change a moment in someone’s life — or just make it look better when people walk by. And if you live in Atlanta, I can’t think of anything better than going to visit the King Center and get a glimpse of the past, present and hopeful future. Tell me all about it, because I have not been (yet).

Me? I’m taking a box of books to a book drop after work and have 2 bags of clothes to drop off. No, it’s not a lot, but it is what I’ve got planned for today. Hoping for more in the weeks to come. As I commented to a friend’s blog earlier, I need to redirect some of my energies to my dear hometown. There is a lot here that needs some healing.

Today’s stars

Lots of stars are excited today with the Academy Award nominations coming out. And stars are some of my favorite shapes (I have them hanging from my ceiling, in my windows and scattered about my abode). But that isn’t really what I’m talking about here.

Today’s stars are all about the little foil types that we would get in grade school when we did something right. I’ve carried that tradition into my adulthood. When I quit smoking over two years ago, I’d give myself a star every day that passed without a cigarette until months were full of stars. When I began running and exercising, I would put a star on the days I’d go over 30 minutes. So, in my year of no excuses, I’ve got decided to give myself a new goal every month. This month’s goal involves getting at least 3 stars in the work week for working out (running, working out with a video, getting on the NordicTrak, etc). Seems simple, I usually do more than that in a week. Except apparently not so much in the work week. I was great on weekends and would manage 2 (sometimes) 3 Monday through Friday— but trending stars is proving a bit more difficult.

And today I woke up with swollen glands and feeling cruddy. But, I’m pushing on. I did cancel plans with my friend Jennifer (because I don’t want to hold her back). However, I’m going to make myself —even for just 30 minutes — work out when I get home.

Wish me luck! Send me star vibes. Trust me, I won’t overdo it — but I’ll at least get it done.

September rush

Well, well, well. What do they say about the best made plans? Right. So, about Mid-July, I was having a fairly good time of it while running and boom! Bursitis. Anyway, for those of you that have had it, you’ll understand that my imminent 5K plans were post-poned. However, I’m back in the saddle (or hitting the pavement) and am finding that balance of pushing myself and being realistically gentle. Eventually, mind and body will be in harmony. I look forward to that moment. I did sign up for another 5k that is at the end of September and this one promotes literacy — so really, that’s more my cup of tea anyway.

And, I’ve been insanely busy. Probably will continue to be insanely busy. However, I spent a gorgeous Labor Day weekend with friends. Some of these friends even reminded me that I need to be writing. So once again, here I am and at least trying to give you some words now.

If I were a good and true blogger, I’d relay the downward spiral that took hold of me when I was forced (after only just getting acquainted with my physical self) to be stagnant. Mentally, it was exhausting to try to tread those pitfalls.

Oh, and since everything is ultimately about words and what we do with them, I did go to the Decatur Book Fest this weekend and found a copy of Murakami’s book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I’m curious and looking forward to see how one of my favorite all time authors sees the mind body connection. Maybe I’ll learn something from it? Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, here’s hoping for cooler climes to do outdoor things. Whether it’s running, strolling, swimming, lounging on a hammock or just smelling the shift of season — enjoy it! Soon soon fall.

A new look at childhood

I heard about this album a few weeks ago called The Muppets: The Green Album and I thought, oh, that’s cute. I think I heard one song off of it and forgot about it. But today being one of my Monday’s off, I stumbled across it again and gave the whole thing a listen.

Admittedly biased due to my love of Kermit, but put that aside and you still have something beautiful. The artists alone are worth perking your ears up: Weezer, The Fray, My Morning Jacket and Andrew Bird. They all come together and pay homage to not just the Muppets and Jim Henson — but maybe more importantly they spotlight all the sunny, trippy, happy beats of childhood (at least my childhood of the 70s and 80s).

Indeed, it makes it not feel so false when you think you can go back there someday—no, not as the child for sure—but as the human that lived the child’s life.

Please listen, buy, and support public radio and television. It’s worth it:

Top 5 things I miss

Soulpancake is a fun site that tries to give voice to all of us out there in answering life’s big questions. If you’ve never checked it out, and you like to contemplate the depth of the well, then you should hop over there. (Thanks Shelby for introducing it to me.)

I am not an incredibly active participant. Occasionally I’ll answer a question. Today was one such day. They asked what are the top 5 things you miss. Since most of you do not Twitter me or Facebook me (or any of the other obnoxious, highly entertaining ways people communicate now) I thought I’d post mine here. But really do go and read some of the other answers. It’s nice and personal and somehow encouraging.

In no real order mine are:

  • The feeling that everything was mysterious, connected and somewhat magical.
  • Time away from technology.
  • Guilt free swilling of coca-cola and eating hostess cupcakes.
  • Mixed tapes, mohawks, leather jackets and the ability to appreciate punk (i.e being 16).
  • My cat Skunk Ape.

Naturally I’ve lost people in my life who would make the list — namely my grandmother, grandfather and aunt — but there are others that miss them more and to put them in a list doesn’t seem fair to them. For the same reason Skunk Ape was almost excluded, but if I had to prioritize my list, she would be the number one thing I miss.

What would your top 5 be?

(Oh, and the series Northern Exposure almost made the list. )


Do you remember your first day of school? Honestly, I don’t. I do remember being jealous of my brother for being able to go. When it finally turned out to be my turn, I was so excited. Nervous, probably too. But I have vivid recollections of thinking “now I’ll be as smart as my brother”. His tales of all of the things he learned. The school books. The whole world seemed exotic and adult to me. And yet, that first memory of entering kindergarten . . . nothing. I only remember bits and pieces of my entire Jerome Jones experience. Little girls braiding my hair, stressed out teachers, kind teachers, teachers who ate in front of the class. I still don’t think of it as negative and I know I loved having my hair braided (though mom getting the tangles out later was a pain).

All of this is brought up to the surface by the fact a little lass started kindergarten yesterday. The picture before arriving she looks so excited — eager for life and discovery. The picture after being picked up from her first day is a portrait in satisfaction and happiness. It breaks my heart a little to think of the few firsts we have. Especially the good firsts. Zoë is at the age of discovery and the world outside and knowledge and all of the stuff that makes life so incredible and overwhelming and great. I never want to go back and relive my life. I don’t think of youth as my glory years. But for a moment I’d love to be able to feel like that one more time. The first big step outside. The first step towards growing up. I’m not her mother, but I’m so proud that her first response is a smile, anticipation, happiness.



Miami 2009 What can I say? Well, lots actually. I should preface my trip with the fact that my family, Mentone, and the world lost one of the originals, Andy Talton. Andy became the steward of the Mentone Springs Hotel. … Continue reading


May it truly be the year of change.

I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve and following weekend with old and new friends, champagne, some spa time and lots of food. With all of the company and activity, I got out of my normal rituals of bringing in the new year. One of my favorite things to do is to read Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes and projections. Mine was especially nice this year. Lots of good old-fashioned advice of being who you are. At the same time, I always read the projections for my friends and I must say, a lot of you have some good ones. You should check yours out when you have time. Any rituals you want to share, please do.

Other traditions that were ignored were eating black-eyed peas and greens, watching the sun set on the first day and walking a bit under trees. But a tradition I think I may make monthly rather than annual is having a body scrub. Shelby and I hauled ourselves out to JeJu and I had a body scrub that lasted for about 35 mins. There is no end to my dead skin. It’s a fantastic and literal way to start the year anew and I highly recommend it.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m really hoping for a turn around for the world: politically, economically, ideologically.

Spring cleaning

Mopping, sorting, scrubbing, hanging laundry on the line — all of this with doors open and a breeze coming through bringing the sounds of birds chirping. Oh how I love a Monday. It will be harder to post the more and more the weather lures me outside.

But I do have some projects that will keep me around the computer. No, I’m not talking about playing scrabble online (though that does make me linger too much) but just some writing in general. It’s much like spring cleaning, but with memory. Yes, I seem to hit a streak of remembering things and am trying to unpack them on paper.

But wouldn’t it be nice to clean everything: let loose all the baggage of the past, sort and organize all the harms of the current political situation, leave economic worries by the dumpster; you know, a general scrubbing of life to give it a rosy complexion and healthy glow? Oh how I wish that for all of us.

Wishing only gets you so far. So, pick what you can and clean it, even if it is just the kitchen sink.