A new look at childhood

I heard about this album a few weeks ago called The Muppets: The Green Album and I thought, oh, that’s cute. I think I heard one song off of it and forgot about it. But today being one of my Monday’s off, I stumbled across it again and gave the whole thing a listen.

Admittedly biased due to my love of Kermit, but put that aside and you still have something beautiful. The artists alone are worth perking your ears up: Weezer, The Fray, My Morning Jacket and Andrew Bird. They all come together and pay homage to not just the Muppets and Jim Henson — but maybe more importantly they spotlight all the sunny, trippy, happy beats of childhood (at least my childhood of the 70s and 80s).

Indeed, it makes it not feel so false when you think you can go back there someday—no, not as the child for sure—but as the human that lived the child’s life.

Please listen, buy, and support public radio and television. It’s worth it:


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