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Leaving Westwood

Well, at least here, I’ve checked out my last book, called the book vendors, emailed a few teachers, said bye to the students, and shed a few tears.

I’ve said to a few people that working here has changed my life and I mean it… the students have expanded my heart and the faculty and program chairs have taught me the importance of being on a team. They had a lot of sweet words (and a gift basket!) for me — but the experience is going to be what I really walk away with.

My work family of awesome, crazy people can not be duplicated. They asked me to not forget them, and it was a silly request—because it would be impossible to do. I’ll be one of them forever.

And now, I leave for the next chapter  — more books to recommend, reference questions to answer, and lessons to be learned.

What am I doing around here?

So, since this blog’s beginnings way back when I lived in Italy, the title has had something to do with a specific place. Recently though, when I moved from Atlanta to Decatur — and now I have the prospect of a job (dare I say it) outside of the perimeter—I am going to have to learn that I am not a fixed entity any more. No longer the twenty something that swore (I still say rightly) she lived in a 3 mile radius, or the thirty something that traveled far and wide to embrace a particular place (and inadvertently found herself). Now I’m more defined by experience than geography. So I am around here. And everywhere. And much like Whitman, maybe even in the blade of grass under your feet.

For now, I’ll let the blog go on without a boundary and know that those of you that know me, know where I am.

MLK day

Just pointing out how much I love the fact that MLK day has transitioned into a day of community activity and service. I mean, sure, everyone wants just a day off — but the impact of getting out and working for an organization or event that helps those in your community speaks more to the message that (perhaps) Martin Luther King Jr. would advocate. (I only say perhaps because I didn’t know the man. But have you heard anything he said? Read any of his speeches? Well, I think we can all make the leap that he would love the fact we celebrate his life by participating in his dream.)

Unfortunately I have to work. So please, if you can, get out there and pick up trash in front of your home (wear gloves) or take something useful to a shelter. Or go the extra mile and participate in an event and be part of a team. However big or small, it may have the potential to positively change a moment in someone’s life — or just make it look better when people walk by. And if you live in Atlanta, I can’t think of anything better than going to visit the King Center and get a glimpse of the past, present and hopeful future. Tell me all about it, because I have not been (yet).

Me? I’m taking a box of books to a book drop after work and have 2 bags of clothes to drop off. No, it’s not a lot, but it is what I’ve got planned for today. Hoping for more in the weeks to come. As I commented to a friend’s blog earlier, I need to redirect some of my energies to my dear hometown. There is a lot here that needs some healing.