What am I doing around here?

So, since this blog’s beginnings way back when I lived in Italy, the title has had something to do with a specific place. Recently though, when I moved from Atlanta to Decatur — and now I have the prospect of a job (dare I say it) outside of the perimeter—I am going to have to learn that I am not a fixed entity any more. No longer the twenty something that swore (I still say rightly) she lived in a 3 mile radius, or the thirty something that traveled far and wide to embrace a particular place (and inadvertently found herself). Now I’m more defined by experience than geography. So I am around here. And everywhere. And much like Whitman, maybe even in the blade of grass under your feet.

For now, I’ll let the blog go on without a boundary and know that those of you that know me, know where I am.

One response to “What am I doing around here?

  1. Julia, I’m delighted to hear all your good news. Thank you sharing. I always enjoy reading your blog when you post, particularly since I don’t do Facebook. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I hope you get the job, and know if not this one, another will come. There’s a time when you need to move on and at that time, the job eventually comes.

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