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2014 y’all

Clearly I got kittens. I only say that because my last post was that my catalogical clock was ticking and then you never heard from me again. Well, I got kittens. Two to be exact (Hushpuppy and Otis) and they have managed to suck the time and life right out of me. OK..OK. Alright already… I’m not going to sit here and blame my slackdom on two (not very) innocent creatures. No, they don’t like me to type. No, they don’t like me to sit quietly without them on me or biting me or cattacking me. But this is the year of NO EXCUSES in my world. So no excuses. The problem is me.

I’ve not written because I’m really happy and in a good place and even though I’ve been traveling and having blog worthy adventures — well, I’ve just not put it down on the screen and shared it beyond the cryptic impulses of Facebook. But today a long time friend of mine began blogging (for the first time I think) and it unhinged something in me. So here I am, saying way too late to you all “Happy New Year”.

Help me cling to the NO EXCUSES rule! I need some support. Oh! Maybe I’ll bore you all with kitty pictures soon!

My cat-ological clock is ticking

ImageSo, it’s high kitten season in the South right now and the pictures and videos that have been sent to me lately have me thinking that it may be time for another little furry beast in mine and Carter’s life. I spoke at length about this with CK (Carter Kitty) and though he seems a bit resistant now, I think I can wear him down. Unfortunately, showing him video of the close-eyed, smush faced kittens did nothing to sell it to him. I’m still working on the marketing of the idea. Perhaps if they come in salmon flavor? No, I can see problems there too. Anyway, if I’m thinking it AND writing it, trust me, that means something may be happening soon.


Top 5 things I miss

Soulpancake is a fun site that tries to give voice to all of us out there in answering life’s big questions. If you’ve never checked it out, and you like to contemplate the depth of the well, then you should hop over there. (Thanks Shelby for introducing it to me.)

I am not an incredibly active participant. Occasionally I’ll answer a question. Today was one such day. They asked what are the top 5 things you miss. Since most of you do not Twitter me or Facebook me (or any of the other obnoxious, highly entertaining ways people communicate now) I thought I’d post mine here. But really do go and read some of the other answers. It’s nice and personal and somehow encouraging.

In no real order mine are:

  • The feeling that everything was mysterious, connected and somewhat magical.
  • Time away from technology.
  • Guilt free swilling of coca-cola and eating hostess cupcakes.
  • Mixed tapes, mohawks, leather jackets and the ability to appreciate punk (i.e being 16).
  • My cat Skunk Ape.

Naturally I’ve lost people in my life who would make the list — namely my grandmother, grandfather and aunt — but there are others that miss them more and to put them in a list doesn’t seem fair to them. For the same reason Skunk Ape was almost excluded, but if I had to prioritize my list, she would be the number one thing I miss.

What would your top 5 be?

(Oh, and the series Northern Exposure almost made the list. )

Junebug and Carter

I have new roomies!!!

Carter and Junebug

They don’t pay rent and they definitely do not clean up after themselves, but they are worth it.

Stealing beauty

Right now I’m stealing time. It’s 8:10 at Westwood and the students are clicking away at the keyboards. I’ve tried to limit my personal computer time during work these first two weeks, but I still have coffee to drink and am officially not awake and so what’s a few minutes to let the few of you in on something.

This isn’t about my new job and it’s not about being back—both good things, but maybe not enough right now. This is about the important bits of beauty that come into your life and how you have to treasure them. Really this is about Skunk Ape. You know how in high school someone says with the worldly experience of a 16 year old that “everything is temporary” and you cling to that sentiment and their hipness and begin to emulate just how unattached you can become in your personal life and you cease reflecting on the recently discarded childhood and innocence and eventually, about 20 years later, you think “yeah, nothing is real” and the meaning changed? Or is that just me? Well, I have a few things that have buoyed me through the rootless ideological idiocy–family, friends, and the cats that possess me. And Skunk Ape, aka Ms. Monkles, russet nose princess of my heart had to be put to sleep this Monday.

So this is a plea to you all, find that beautiful bit in your life and enjoy it while it lasts. Learn from it, emulate it, document it—but don’t put it off or forget it’s importance. Because everything really is temporary, but experiencing it is real.

Even great lions must fall

Last weekend I heard Kurt Vonnegut died (click here for NYTimes obit), but that isn’t what this is about. This is about Helmut.

Helmut adopted my family’s Virgina Highlands porch in 1995; he was confirmed by the vet to be about 13 years old at that time. This Sunday, on a different adopted porch (my uncle Gerald’s in Florida) he decided it was time to leave this world. So after a quarter century of rambling, fighting, sleeping, purring, hunting and eating, Helmut has gone on.

Gerald’s other cat knew to pay some respect and left a bird at his head after he died. My mother burned sage to send him on and he was laid to rest next to Critter, Messy, and Sophie under a tree near the pond. I can picture the bassets howling for him and one more animal lost. But, naturally, I’m not sad. Like Vonnegut, he outlasted hope and his life was spent doing what he did best — entertaining and ruling. I’d love to know everything that cat saw in his ramblings: the petty crimes of Atlanta streets, couples in a dogwood spring, sinister wild life of the panhandle, the habits of cows, and his removed observation of human behavior. Surely of all of those, the human behavior bored him the most.

Rest easy Helmut, you lived longer than some of the young of Virginia, you may have seen more of life than thousands dying in war and you exited with style and peace. May we all be so lucky. May all this useless violence end.

Road trip — Greenville

Winding down the mountain, 7 hours to Greenville, NC. Stop.

Michelle and Shane’s house, met Gwennie, re-united with Callie, Pip, and Addie. Comfortable, relaxed, friends—met some new ones. Then yesterday (Tuesday) became centered again while walking in Beaufort, NC and along the Atlantic. Maybe I’ll return there one day.

But then the evening. I love good food and wine. At times, if you watch closely, I perform a happy food dance while sitting at the table. And last night Will cooked for me. Well, he cooked for Miche, Shane, Brent and I, but, really I think just me. Pork tenderloin, pears with Gorgonzola and honey, asparagus. He actually stilled me with his food. I did ask him to marry me at some point, but I’m not his type. And how do you follow this meal? Well, with the generous offering of Brunello that Shane has been waiting to appreciate with me. (Our Miche likes birra, but wine for her hubby and I.)

I gotta say — lovely evening Greenville style. Next stop — Wake Forest and the debaucherous Shelby. I’ll let you know what happens next.