Spring cleaning

Mopping, sorting, scrubbing, hanging laundry on the line — all of this with doors open and a breeze coming through bringing the sounds of birds chirping. Oh how I love a Monday. It will be harder to post the more and more the weather lures me outside.

But I do have some projects that will keep me around the computer. No, I’m not talking about playing scrabble online (though that does make me linger too much) but just some writing in general. It’s much like spring cleaning, but with memory. Yes, I seem to hit a streak of remembering things and am trying to unpack them on paper.

But wouldn’t it be nice to clean everything: let loose all the baggage of the past, sort and organize all the harms of the current political situation, leave economic worries by the dumpster; you know, a general scrubbing of life to give it a rosy complexion and healthy glow? Oh how I wish that for all of us.

Wishing only gets you so far. So, pick what you can and clean it, even if it is just the kitchen sink.

2 responses to “Spring cleaning

  1. Somehow I am imagining running fresh clean spring water from the top of my head and through the inside of my body and having all the yuck and muck spill out of my toes. (too gross?)

  2. you even cleaned up the blog!

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