Top 5 things I miss

Soulpancake is a fun site that tries to give voice to all of us out there in answering life’s big questions. If you’ve never checked it out, and you like to contemplate the depth of the well, then you should hop over there. (Thanks Shelby for introducing it to me.)

I am not an incredibly active participant. Occasionally I’ll answer a question. Today was one such day. They asked what are the top 5 things you miss. Since most of you do not Twitter me or Facebook me (or any of the other obnoxious, highly entertaining ways people communicate now) I thought I’d post mine here. But really do go and read some of the other answers. It’s nice and personal and somehow encouraging.

In no real order mine are:

  • The feeling that everything was mysterious, connected and somewhat magical.
  • Time away from technology.
  • Guilt free swilling of coca-cola and eating hostess cupcakes.
  • Mixed tapes, mohawks, leather jackets and the ability to appreciate punk (i.e being 16).
  • My cat Skunk Ape.

Naturally I’ve lost people in my life who would make the list — namely my grandmother, grandfather and aunt — but there are others that miss them more and to put them in a list doesn’t seem fair to them. For the same reason Skunk Ape was almost excluded, but if I had to prioritize my list, she would be the number one thing I miss.

What would your top 5 be?

(Oh, and the series Northern Exposure almost made the list. )

3 responses to “Top 5 things I miss

  1. I’d definitely include Spider cat and not thinking about what I was eating. The mix tape is an excellent choice.

    I miss my aunt and uncle’s cottage on Lake Muskoka in Ontario. Hanging out there with my cousins with the dense stars and soft glow of the Northern Lights, lapping waves, absolutely freezing water, and Uncle Larry’s experiments in wine and beer making.

    Barbecue at Kojak’s, south of Tallahassee

    Summers when I had absolutely nothing to do

  2. oh, nice list.
    and yes, summers with nothing to do. Sigh.

  3. I like Soulpancake. If you’re tired of bad news all the time, there is a good discussion of the topic. A reporter replied to the discussion about being discouraged that people don’t want to think about issues, but just want something positive. The reporter missed the point. What we focus on 24/7 does have an impact upon us. Focusing on negativity 24/7 drains us of hope.

    And the five things I miss:
    Being with family
    The woods
    Wooded trails and hiking practically out my front door
    My parents who are both gone now
    Good friends from FSU days

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