spirit rising

Conversing with Shelby about her gardening and other things, she helped me realize an obvious thing I am sorely lacking which has contributed to my overall (um, should we say) whiny-ness.

See, some people have god, God, the Buddha, Allah, you name it, they have it. I am one of those that has nature. The slap of green, soft earth, lightening, rain, sunlit leaves, rolling thunder on a summer afternoon, wind that energizes and breezes that soothe — you know, Nature. And in order for my spiritual self to wake up and take part of the world around me, I need (yes, need — not want) those natural elements. They are a core part of me.

And no, I’m not saying I have to go Thoreau on everyone and live in the wild. I just think that some tranquil time with some grass under foot helps remind me who I am. Shelby seems to think that I can just roll by it all on the train en route to teaching, and yes the poppies, the Italian cypress, the green fields and hills and all the excessive beauty is great to see. (OK, great is an understatement. I really need to be pinched at times.) Still, I think I need the actual contact. So, my project for myself is to try and make the time for a physical encounter with Earth at least twice a week.

Find you bliss and share at will.

7 responses to “spirit rising

  1. And we can assume you will share these natural treasures when you find them, yes?

  2. Who’s this Shelby cat anyway? I agree with both of you, regarding each of your posts. Only I usually find the time to be in touch with nature when the sun wakes me up on the lawn …

  3. Kathe Kozlowski

    Julia, Julia, Julia, you are missing the obvious. Get a Chia Pet and a small carton of cat nip. You will be able to take your green, earthy element with you where ever you go….little bit of dirt, little bit of green, little bit of water, little bit of leaves….if this is to Walmartish, you can also get a small Bosai tree and trim it with your toe nail clippers like Mr. Miaggi in The Karate Kid”. (I am still trying to figure out if he ever caught any flies with the chop sticks, and whether he used them for any meals thereafter…..)

    I have to tell you, tonight I stopped over at your parents house, and they were sitting on the couch like two school kids, talking and watching the political news…it was so down home….of course once I draped myself over the love seat, the conversation went all over the board. A good conversation beats Television every time!

    I love the trains. I own quite a large number of them (HO size) and when I build my house, I shall have a special building just for my trains, so I can make sets and scenery. Maybe by the time you return here to the rolling hills of Walton County, you can come visit the set…

    Maybe you can start writing those 17 word free form poems- Haku???. I have some, somewhere. I will dig them out and send one to you. I am not creative enough to come up with my own.


  4. Yeah, I just don’t think catnip is going to do it 🙂
    But yes, those two parentals of mine need to get weeded from the tube. Glad you are doing your part.
    Hey Thomas!! Glad to see you for a sec.

  5. Nancy Ross– “My spirit was lifted and my soul nourised by my time in the garden.” So, go and get your soul nourished. Even if it is just to walk barefooted in a strip of grass. The treasure you have already—yourself.


  6. Well, how is that for some big sister advice. Thank you thank you! Love to you too.

  7. The sights of nature aren’t complete without the smells of nature. Maybe you could hang your head out of the train window.


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