the kindness of strangers

Yes, no one can ever really leave the South. Even here I become the occasional Flannery character.

First, I’ll give you a bit of the mental. It is the middle of May (almost) and everything does tend to happen now. This year is no different. Having heard news of my ex last night and having a bit of a personal anniversary today, I was a tad preoccupied when I realized I was hungry. Very hungry. And naturally I thought of going to the store and as I pulled the door to and heard it click, 2 thoughts went through my mind: I don’t have my cell phone; I don’t have the keys to the apartment.

Should I even bother mentioning that my roomies are out of town?

So, I did what any good Southern woman would do. Rang the bell of a stranger and hoped for the best. This bell belongs to an artist named Luigi Doni. He does not speak English. Why would he? And, like any good Italian man, he knew to tell me to calm down while he called the Fire Brigade.

Yes, the Fire Brigade and an Italian artist saved me.

It took 5 of them and lots of noise, but the nut was finally cracked and I was allowed back into my little bit of Julia space. All’s well and I even managed to make it to the store for some grub before getting ready to work. So, I’m beginning to think that Kathe did this to me so I could experience the absurd of reality. (Next time wish money and time to reign down on me.) Although, this little episode did make me smile more than once.

As a side note, my upstairs neighbor seems to be a delightful woman and has offered to keep a spare set of my keys for me. She heard the noise and came to investigate and smiled with me at the sheer number and efforts of the Vigili del Fuoco. I couldn’t help but notice that they seemed to be using old x-ray film as the means to pick a lock. Interesting method that eventually was effective. But I bet it sucked to be the person with the broken rib.

And now I need to figure out how to repay an artist for his time and patience. A bottle of wine — or better yet, no more unexpected bell-ringing incidents?

2 responses to “the kindness of strangers

  1. You are still the beautiful and RESOURCEFUL daughter that makes me proud. At least the firemen were not called out to get a cat out of the tree. Watch out for artist, you know that you tend to fall for those creative types. I will reward him with my Southern fried chicken. But I suppose a bottle of wine and note will be appropriate. Just don’t drink it with him. My heart hasn’t recovered from the last artist that broke our hearts. How is that ex? I wish him well. His handsome face adorns seven years worth of family pictures. But I do love the face of a handsome Italian that I will soon share a glass of wine. We will drink to Southern women and firemen! Cheers!

  2. I have had a dream that I move to Italy and marry a fireman.

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