Collecting has always fascinated me. What drives people to want to focus on an item and repeat it over and over? Why that object? Why the repetition? Baseball cards, stamps, PEZ dispensers, snow globes. When I was little it was hand bells. I loved little porcelain and, some times, metal bells. Love the sound still. And as a girl, the delicacy intrigued me. Little painted flowers. Or even better, the ones that had vines and flowers in the texture of the bells. The metal ones sounded better (of course) but the fragility of the others . . . well, I liked to take care of them.

And books, that is obvious, but I never collected them so much as they were just a staple in my life. Books were friends to my lonely self. They still are.

But my room mate, Lexie, has been collecting something else. Orange wrappers. Each farmer or grower has their own special wrapper for oranges. Not all oranges are wrapped, just a few. In her case it is the color and design. Usually they have red, often blue and lots of gold. Mermaids, magicians, lion cubs, explorers, all make an impression. So they are spreading. She has been framing them and hanging them around the house. It is lovely. These flimsy paper items most people just throw away without looking, now warming the kitchen. Everything is coming alive. The cold walls of winter are changing. Collecting color, changing place, saying something quietly in frame.

Thank god for the artists and their eyes.

9 responses to “Wrappers

  1. would you be so ready to thank a god for an artist like myself?

  2. Interesting question Mark. And I did actually sit and contemplate it for a moment. But the obvious answer and the honest one is of course I would. Especially if you are indeed still creating art. That is all I ever wanted. I’ll email you soon. Good to hear from you.

    But now I realize you can sit and read about my life through this blog and I know nothing of yours. So, I’ll expect some details returned back to me when I email.

  3. Hmmm, I wish you had something like a camera to take a thing, like a photograph, of these beautifully described wrappers. I am curious to see them.

    I collect superballs. I keep them in crystal bowl with my Dad’s Underwood typewriter and my coffee can/piggy bank that is supposed to be collecting funds to bring me to you. Sadly that collection is lacking.

  4. I collected and framed wine lables. After hitting the winery in Sonoma or Whidby Island off Seattle coast, I loved the individual look for each label, the creativety that produced the label. Now I am selling this mounted “art” framed in The Country Shoppe.

    You are now writing about every day life. “Musings from Julia” could be a great little space filler in a local paper.

    Bogart’s is opening on June 1. We passed the opening inspection from the State, so now I am cming up with receipes and menus – and shopping lists.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. I used to collect bells also-still have a few of them, being the packrat that I am. Other collections: cats, men who are wrong for me, pottery, costume jewelry, old purses, metal souvenir ashtrays, old hats, old christmas ornaments…well, anything vintage. Obviously I am not ready to be a Buddhist. Some day I will have one hell of a yard sale. I love the fact that my stuff has been, and will be, sold over and over again.

  6. PS-except the cats and the men-they are always free.

  7. The best thing to collect— happy memories. You have lots of those. We on the other side of the pond have many happy Julia memories. Tootie is visiting us in Florida, we had a grand time today. He sends his love and told me that your bed misses you. He claims there was a warm spot still there. The kitties wanted to sleep with him, but I didn’t allow that. Can’t wait to be there.

  8. Give tootie a hug for me! And if those kitties get to be too much to handle, remember, you can just bring skunk along in your purse.

  9. Oh to be back in the land of computers! Don’t get me wrong…physically and mentally I am refreshed from being at the beach but after 8 days and a week of prep time with packing and trying to clear my work calendar I feel that I have lost contact with the world. BTW, did you change the graphics again or am I loosing it??? So I’m just catching up on my reading and it sounds like a lot has happened. WOW!
    So here is my two cents:
    Thank you very much for my birthday wishes! We had a lovely dinner at the Red Bar and a wonderful trip but I hate that I did not get to see your Mom and Dad…Zach kept me VERY busy!
    As an ex roomie I know you need your space, your quite time, as well as, your dancing freely around the house time with arms in the air singing out loud! And as someone now with another roomie I also yearn to walk outside my bedroom door in my undies…for pete sake it is my house…but buck up for a just a couple more months. You couldn’t ask for better roommates than Lexie and Umberto. In the meantime take a few hours a week for yourself to go sit in Boboli Gardens under a tree, take a stroll by the river, or go sit on one of the benches in Santa Croce and let the sun shine on your face and refill your soul with some of each of their magic.
    Congrats on the new job…I want to hear more.
    Hummm…love the idea of Italian Artist and the Fire Brigade helping out my friend in need. I can just imagine it with sound effects…Whew-whew-whew (my attempt at a siren)…here comes the brigade as you were singing “come on baby light my fire”! I know you forgot your keys but did you find your purse before leaving the apartment? Heehee! 😉 And wine is always a good gift.
    As far as collecting I’ve started collecting interesting postcards and magnets since I’ve been traveling so much.
    I miss you bunches and will talk to you soon!

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