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Summer and the time is flying

How is the year already half way over? No, don’t answer that — it’s a question that only makes the hole where time goes vanish even faster. But the fact that it is June is only contributing to the disoriented self of late. I’m certainly one of those people that as the air gets pregnant with humidity and heat, my head takes a spin and loses direction. In this case, I’m sort of maintaining the spin — but still slightly wobbly.

Anyway, all of that is an excuse. I have been to Barcelona with my baby back at the end of March and took some great pics between the two of us. Anyway, here is a link to all of the pictures and I’m not sure if it will work. How has it been that long since I shared pictures? Regardless, please go crazy with the images. And please know that I’m still, in some small light particle, a part of La Sagrada de Familia. Or at least I strive to be.

And then there is the cabin — a place I hope to find my head more often. My dad, some family friends, and a few workers put together a dream place behind my parent’s gallery, Kamama. It’s a sanctuary and it’s not so far away — so I’m hoping to sort out some of my summer brain up there.

And there are about a trillion other little pieces to tell. But time, you see, keeps slipping and I must run after it as fast as I can. Hope all is well and good in your world.