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Padgett bash, old school style

I’ll let the pictures tell most of the tale — but everyone I talked to said they had a blast. It was fantastic seeing so many old friends and family from both sides show up and have a good time. Just wish the weekend could have gone on longer.

Dads 70th April 2011

shhh . . .

I’m supposed to be working.

It’s a busy day of accreditation here at Westwood. Actually, this is the “quality audit” stage. Regardless, I really shouldn’t be writing. But that’s me — always the rebel, never the ruler.

I just had to say how much fun I had with the gang. It was a great gathering of friends, music, personality profiling (I’m an INFP) and cheddar biscuits and snow and a whole lot of laughter. Thanks to all of you: Miche, Shane, Will and Shelby for driving down and Lori for joining in the merriment.

Great fun. But no, I didn’t get any pictures of my guests — I did take tons at Lea’s First Birthday Party (which I will upload at some point).

Until more news and pics, feel free to discover yourself at

Car wheels on a gravel road

Yep, Lucinda Williams is playing this weekend and the gang is headed down from NC!  Shame about my sinus infection keeping me from winning any “good housekeeping awards” . Domestic diva I’m not nor have ever been  (and hopefully their love for me adjusts expectations accordingly). And 2 cats do not a housekeeper make — IMHO. Of course, 2 cats may make me get a housekeeper . . .

Doesn’t matter though! Just looking forward to great talks, music, visits, updates and sharing of dreams and encouragement. And food! Can’t forget food (this weekend I’m “off diet”.)

But I’ll kick start all of that with a massage this afternoon. Long, overdue, massage. If I’m reduced to a puddle, then maybe someone from NC can come “sweep up my lazy bones” before the show. (I know, Beck and Lucinda is an odd pairing.)

Hopefully I’ll have pictures next week. Darling Nikki has been a bit impatient with me lately.

Have a great weekend!

Wilco, a mermaid and the girls

I think the title says it all. Last weekend was brilliant. Lori and I drove up to Raleigh (which took us too much time) and I got to see Shelby and have some wine after the long road trip. The next day, I was able to see Miche (thanks again for the pedi treat!) and have lunch and talk politics and revel in the fact I was doing the very thing I had missed so much — spending time with my dear girls dishing about men (because w/o Hillery we just had the men to talk about). Topping that Friday off with an incredible Wilco performance under the stars and pines, dancing with tipsy Lori (and thanks again Shelby for being the designated driver), and loving the appreciative crowd, the lyrics, the whole moment — well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

I finally got to meet Shelby’s Bostonian beau Joe, and we all went to a dive bar and had a blast. As Shelby pointed out, maybe too much fun. Sleep didn’t find me until 4 a.m. and then the flurry of Bojangles and getting Lori to her appointment with the mermaid (courtesy of Lacey) and then I had a bit of a communication breakdown and HAD to get a new cell phone and ended up with some handheld world controlling device, aka the Palm Centro. I don’t know, it’s no iPhone or Crack (I mean Black)berry — but it’s still a bit much for a girl who just wanted to make a call. After that, we were beat (and I didn’t even get a 3 hour long tattoo). Sorry I didn’t get to hang out with Joe again Saturday night, but the nachos were great and I’m sure there will be other times to argue about the Braves vs. the Red Sox.

All in all, it was the best Wilco Weekend ever. And last night I finally saw The Dark Knight with Mendy (oh, Mr. Ledger, we will miss you). And today more visits with friends while I’m here in Atlanta. And tomorrow back to the farm. I already feel like I need a vacation. 😉

The white space after a white night

Saturday was Notte Bianca in Florence, which coincides with the summer solstice (and Luigi’s namesday). It also was one of Samantha’s last nights here. A bit tired after work, we all meet at Lexie and Umberto’s for a great pasta dinner and then some prosecco strolling with the masses, music, and nuns with guns (very funny street performers/ merrymakers). It was a good night, but Sam and I left the group early to catch a bus and to sleep. The bus never came, but after a taxi ride I finally did sleep.

And now she is gone. Well, I’m meeting her at the train station today for a “last sip” of coffee before she heads to Rome. But her bags and her person are no longer here. So once more, here I am in this big white space. Breathing in the reflective mood while looking forward to my last month here. There is the promise of some travel and adventure, surely some celebration of my new friendships, and maybe even a bit of planning for what’s next (I must be getting old if I think I know what’s next). It will be busy, emotional, beautiful.

Unfortunately, probably a few tears will appear. But they are dumb, short-sighted tears. They are tears that do not grasp the potential of space and time. These silly tears have boundaries and are limited. Boundaries and limitations, two things I would rather live without. I’ll remind myself of that.

In the meantime, so much, so little whiteness. What will I do with it all—with all of this nothing? With all of this everything? I have a few good ideas . . .

not such a good Friday

Before I begin checking email, or facebooking, or anything else, I need to purge.

The day is beautiful, but . . . OK, so I have more train station classes, one of which is not at the train station but a bit past the fortezza here in Florence and from my place in Coverciano it takes roughly an hour to get there. I wake, prepare, do laundry, etc. I’m actually on time for a change. Once I change buses at the station, I notice there is another strike this afternoon, but I don’t have to worry until later. I arrive at the school. It is hot in the sun. I wait. I go get a coffee. I wait some more. I enter the building and go to the offices of where my students usually work. An angry lady asks me what I’m doing. I explain I’m waiting for my students. Consternation crosses her face.

Phone calls are made. Beckoning to me, I am handed the phone. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know why Alessandro isn’t there. I told him I wouldn’t be there.” It is one of the students. Apparently, there was also a strike by the train people. Hmm, ok, two hours wasted (but I do still get paid). More hot sun. Impossibly crowded buses. I come back home.

I eat. The school is insisting I take a class which begins Monday. Monday evening I have plans at the Consulate here. I try to explain. I’m making calls to verify. People are upset. Bosses are upset. I’m beginning to feel a bit angry too. Finally compromise. I will teach the class and then get a lift from Antonio on a motorcycle (while I’m dressed for party) therefore only being a bit late. Everyone is happy. 

Then I teach my class. This student apparently has forgotten everything in 2 days that I have tried to teach him in the past 8 months. I can actually hear my blood pumping through my head. I try to not get angry. We all have bad days. Right?

More conversation about the Monday problem. Agreements are made. Things will be fine. I leave.

Then, walking to the bus stop, I remember. Oh, yeah, another strike. I walk home. 

Needless to say, I’m drinking a glass of wine now. And there is a chance of a concert. The worm turns in the right direction. (Let’s hope.)


(As an aside: I was too tired to go to the concert. Instead, Luigi treated me with a call during the song “Baudelaire” and I danced on my balcony. Ahhhh, Baudelaire.)

Now tell me something I didn’t know

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III – The Empress
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XIX: The Sun
XIII: Death
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X – Wheel of Fortune
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Besides taking this fun little test, I’m also incredibly busy with work, so no real news. Feel free to tell me how you score (privately or publicly). I am headed to the mountains for some relief from the heat and crowds. They have internet so I will try to post from there, but if not I’ll at least take my camera and update everyone when I get back.

Saw a free jazz concert last night which made me think of the Don Juan band. Tonight, dancing of course!