2014 y’all

Clearly I got kittens. I only say that because my last post was that my catalogical clock was ticking and then you never heard from me again. Well, I got kittens. Two to be exact (Hushpuppy and Otis) and they have managed to suck the time and life right out of me. OK..OK. Alright already… I’m not going to sit here and blame my slackdom on two (not very) innocent creatures. No, they don’t like me to type. No, they don’t like me to sit quietly without them on me or biting me or cattacking me. But this is the year of NO EXCUSES in my world. So no excuses. The problem is me.

I’ve not written because I’m really happy and in a good place and even though I’ve been traveling and having blog worthy adventures — well, I’ve just not put it down on the screen and shared it beyond the cryptic impulses of Facebook. But today a long time friend of mine began blogging (for the first time I think) and it unhinged something in me. So here I am, saying way too late to you all “Happy New Year”.

Help me cling to the NO EXCUSES rule! I need some support. Oh! Maybe I’ll bore you all with kitty pictures soon!

5 responses to “2014 y’all

  1. Glad you are doing well and are happy. I also have two cats and yes they demand a lot, particularly as kittens. What’s nice is that they keep each other company when you are gone. I think all cats hate to move. One of mine has to be heavily drugged so she doesn’t meow and claw the carrier hour after hour. I moved to Oregon in late May and they sure hated that.

    • Kimbre, I’m so excited you got back to Oregon! I know how important that was to you and it is great it finally happened. Let me know how you are doing.

      • Thanks! I’m a Librarian 3 now, the Children’s Services Supervisor at the McMinnville Public Library, a wonderful library with a great staff! It’s a beautiful town in wine country, the Willammette Valley. It’s lovely and forested here, surrounded by hills and hiking trails, an hour from the ocean and an hour from my family in Corvallis!

  2. That sounds idyllic Kimbre! Perfect for you!

  3. Thanks, Julia! Have fun with the kitties. They do stop exhausting you when they grow up, and mature to the stage of just bossing you around.

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