Après humanity

Sunday night seemed a good night for a cocktail outside and so I headed to one of my favorite spots, Après Diem. It was lovely, the evening, conversation and company. But, it is summertime in the Deep South and typically that coincides with flares in temper. However, Sunday night’s glimpse into stranger anger still has me scratching my head.

The couple sitting across the passage way from me seemed to be minding their own business. Then two gentlemen (using that term loosely) stopped and began a conversation in elevated tones. As with anything that starts in anger, I think justifying it with mirrored vocals only escalates the situation. This time proved to be no different. The formerly quiet couple countered with some colorful expressions and before I could even say “look out” the older gentleman stepped up and shoved one of the men into the lady sitting behind my dinner companion. Several things are worth pointing out. The women that bore the brunt of the shove moved johnny quick jumping like a bunny and perched on a ledge. My culinary partner stood to break up the fight and I, well, I grabbed my fork, hopped up and turned to see what happened next. A few punches were thrown but didn’t land and the offending party was escorted out. Completely random and bizarre social aspects of humanity and it didn’t happen at the Highlander that’s next door (more of a seedy spot) — it happened in the gentle confines of Après Diem.

And yes, much was made over the fact that I grabbed a fork and was ready to defend or fight if needed. I wish I had more of the quick escape reflexes of the other lady. Oh well, we are what we are. Would be nice if we were better in public though.

2 responses to “Après humanity

  1. . . . or were you just making sure you had a utensil for when things settled back down and you could get on with the more important things without having to summon the waiter for a replacement?

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