Tomorrow is another day

And yet, not.
I’m taking an extreme approach to solving the riddles of my allergies and beginning, what is called (I’m not making this up) the Strict Elimination Diet. Which means I’ll consist of air and water for a few weeks. Well, that and ground turkey, rice, chicken and squash (maybe some green leafy stuff too).
For some reason, I’m super excited by this — sure, give me a few days and I’ll win any crank of the year contest out there. But for now, it is nice to think of starting with a clean slate and adding foods back in to see if they agree or disagree.
We’ll see how it all works out. Who knows, maybe I’ll be prompted to write out of a lack of caffeine? (that’s the one that will hurt the most)
A friend recently commented that it is good to give up something every few years. Guess I’ll catch up the next few weeks by giving up everything.
Wish me luck!

One response to “Tomorrow is another day

  1. You have my unyielding support and love. I wish I could provide you with a punching bag of some sort to help you through! xoxoxox

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