and back again

My trip back to Florence had perfect moments—don’t get me wrong. I finally made it into and on the top of the Duomo. I ate the food, drank the wine, sipped coffee and reconnected with some of the most wonderful friends I could hope to have.

And the city, well, it’s old it’s not likely to change. There were still swarms of tourists, massive structures of stone, scooters buzzing and bells tolling. It was a fantastic revisit. Yet, I think my friend Cheryl summed it up best when she asked me if it was one of those trips where you feel like you can never come home again. I see truth in that statement, more so than I thought. And that brings me peace. My visit to the stone city helped heal the riff that I thought may still be there. I come away knowing that I made the right decision to come back to the States. That is perfection in itself.

I did manage to take a few photos, but only had a long lens — so pardon the blurry subjects.

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