March (and missing this)

It’s been too long. On the upside, I’ve been writing privately. But still . . .
Let me ramble on.
I turned 40, ya’ll saw the pics. Have had some redemptive type moments with old friends. That’s always nice and strange. Ebbed and flowed. Yep, and here I am, still. No matter what, it’s the best thing. Life is beautiful.
What I really want to talk about is the last book I read (Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett). Have you read it? Anyway, I can’t go into it because I have a few friends reading it and we are all going to get there. But, needless to say, read it; if it’s plaguing me during the Spring Forward hours than it is worth the effort.
There’s a lot I’m not saying–deal with the ambiguity and keep rolling.
Oh, but I do want to say that I revisited my childhood today. Darryl convinced Zoë, Lori and I to go see the Harlem Globetrotters. OMG! I had forgotten. One of the most rewarding moments came when they did a fart joke and hearing all of the kids laughing. There is so much joy in that noise. Crude pleasures — maybe it’s not just a childhood thing.
Hope that the weather is turning towards golden for everyone.

3 responses to “March (and missing this)

  1. I totally agree that “poot” jokes are funny. It is the one thing that guarantees a laugh out of me. Granny didn’t let me say the “F” word so I still call them “poots”. I remember when dad took you to see the Glodetrotters for the first time.

  2. Welcome back, Julia! Always happy to get book recommendations. I’ll put it on my list. Glad you had such a blast with the Harlem Globetrotters … sounds like a very joyful event. Hugs!

  3. Sandra, after the Globetrotters, Julia told me about your love of poot jokes!

    So glad Julia went with to see the Globetrotters and to hear Zoë cracking up.


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