I’ve just been reading the NYTimes article about the Winter Solstice. It brought back Rome and my teenage years and rambling in the woods and all the mythology of my life so far. There is a whole life of shadow and another of the Sun that we can’t even begin to pinpoint within ourselves. Yet I do intend to try soon.

This past weekend I was able to participate in a lighting of a fire, this time it was burning rum off of chocolate to make a really tasty mousse — regardless of the reason, this convergence of themes has reminded me to light the fires of the things we need to get rid of. So I’m going to collect those bits of consciousness and memory and acknowledge that I’ve learned from their pain/experience/moment and then I’m going to burn them on their little scrapes of paper. I’m going to celebrate the fear and cycle of life with every little flicker. Allow them to lift off and enter the inky dark. I’ll see the new that comes from it.

Happy Winter Solstice!

6 responses to “Rekindled

  1. Are you doing the burn bowl for the Solstice? Coupled with the eclipse could be very interesting!

  2. I love the way you express ideas, Julia! Wonderful insights expression to fill the beginning of this year. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always hated winter, with the exception of Vivaldi’s impressions of the season, and am like the proverbial child on a trip (“are we there yet”) wanting to know how long it will be till we get to spring. Thanks for the reminder that there is something more sublime to think about other than my prosaic thoughts as I wait for winter to be over.

    Some beautiful spring/summer music: The Mande Variations by Toumani Diabate.

  3. Thanks Kimbre. That’s a really beautiful thing you said. I appreciate the impact.

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