Delicate December

Maybe I should have made that querulous December? Yet when I think of December, I think of Erin McKeown’s lovely song. You should all google it. Or here, try this to hear or read the lyrics below.

Delicate December
Let’s remember
When we were tall
And we can pretend it’s just summer
We’re neither spring nor fall
Would you want my number?
Were I someone
You didn’t know at all
Special for December
Let’s pretend we’re
All for one

I know, it’s not the same
What’s said is said and won’t be said again

Delicate December
Let’s be tender
Slow down time to a crawl
Nothing’s temperamental
If we’re gentle
Hands up!
Let’s call it a draw
Elegant and simple
Sentiment means
Letting go and letting fall
Special for December
Let’s pretend we’re
All for one, one for all

Anyway, clearly it’s been an eternity. I missed out on the chance to discuss ageism with Kimbre. You all I’m sure are relieved you’ve not had to hear me complain about work, preparing for our school’s graduation, and all the pitfalls of the past 6 months. There have been some seriously blissful moments though. But I guess they’ll stay with me. However, even though I don’t do resolutions — I do know I need to write more and definitely share more. So we’ll see how disciplined I will be about it.

Wishing everyone peace and joy. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!

2 responses to “Delicate December

  1. Querulous? Fretful or whining? Yes I looked it up.

    Focus on the bliss!

  2. Fretful/complaining/ though most of that has gone away since graduation. Now I’m all about bliss. (and not christmas shopping)

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