last post in privacy

There are things we expect at the work place — minor grudges, relative conviviality, coffee, small talk, occasional eye rolls. But personally, I expect a certain amount of respect and support. As the only librarian, I stay busy enough working on the things covered in my job description. Naturally, and I suspect this is true for most librarians and educators, the service you provide starts to spread to other areas. Currently I’m in charge coordinating tutoring, signing students up for Smarthinking, being the default APA specialist. With all of these additions to my work load, a ton of student data flows across my desk.

That is one of the reasons why I’ve pushed for having my own office, or at least my own desk (with locking drawers). Since we expanded the space, now would be the ideal time to create that area. Unfortunately, the powers that be want me front and center. And finally the network is fixed enough so that I will move back to that very public space. That area where a student struggles to find voice to explain what their problems are in math or English. That area where no real work is accomplished because as soon as I’m out there a million people start asking questions.

So this is what I’m doing with these last few minutes of privacy. Posting. It’s well-directed and justified frustration. Thankfully giving voice to it takes some of the sting of incompetency out of the equation.

Support those that need it — even when it’s difficult.

One response to “last post in privacy

  1. I know what you mean. I’d love to have an office. My office as the head of Children’s Services is right in the middle of the children’s department with the barriers being bookcases.

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