killing time

Still am not in my expanded learning commons. My facade– once positive, excited and calm—is slipping more into a rebellious, pissy and exasperated look. Someone actually told me that I look like I’m mean. Another person commented on my projected aura needing improvement. Suddenly I seem to be surrounded by spiritual minded individuals. Who knew? I notice they aren’t commenting when I am  pleasant and helpful. Vultures. Anyway, I’m sure that is probably my negative aura talking.

Focusing on ALA. And DC. And the completion of this process. Oh, and have I expressed my love for the poem a day I get from They may not all be great, but they all at least make me think or rethink the way we string words together. It makes me happy.

And I’ve started reading Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier and so far am getting into the Cherokee way of life that is depicted. I’m not crazy about the writing, but we’ll see where it goes and I’m not ready to trash it as some reviews have. And the silver screen has brought back the hot mess that is True Blood. Sigh. I do so love the biting.

Summertime is providing it’s on entertainment though. Clouds keep rolling in and sounding throughout the city. Nothing like a storm to keep it in perspective.

2 responses to “killing time

  1. Ahhhh, the biting.

  2. Watch out for “spiritual minded individuals.” We can be a bit of a help on bringing info to consciousness but, even there, it is your own mind drawing us to you. You are the arbiter of your own good.

    I mention this because it is important to be authentically who you are, and if that’s pissy right now, then be pissy. Peace and joy can only be found by seeing peace and joy. I know this sounds obvious, but if we are feeling discomfort it is because it is because our ideas about stuff. Sometimes it is more important for us to be right than to be happy, or to be a victim rather than be healed). Regardless, everyone some version of this going on and everyone has to realize this stuff on their own terms– or not. The most important thing is to be one’s self and to accept one’s self exactly where one is right now. 🙂

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