That’s funny, I was going to write about something else, but as soon as I typed that I remembered my Aunt Karen always keeping Celestial Seasons tea and Sleepytime tea was one of them and then I remembered her piano and my girl cousins and all their toys and then the new house they moved into when they left the farm and how the pool reflected a blue watery light in Janet’s bedroom. And divorce wrecked all that.

Anyway, I miss my cousins. And I’m just now really aware of that about 30 years later.

One of them lives in Arizona now. Which is really odd. Because I was going to begin this initially by making fun of myself for being sleepy. Much like one of my friends used to make fun of me for always being sleepy before he moved to Arizona. (which I’ve type Arizone twice now— well 3 times but the last intentionally to prove a point which is what is up with all the connections and coincidence and links and tangled webs that stick to your hair?)

Which is to say, I’m sleepy.
And I miss you all — the old connections and the new connections.

One response to “sleepytime

  1. Thanks for reminding me of my former sister-in-law’s tea collection and my sweet nieces . I miss all of them. Karen was a good storyteller and teacher, Pity divorces bring out the toxic stuff when you only hear things from “the family blood side”

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