Snow, snow, snow

I’m looking out my window at what must be the fourth snow of the year. Northerners may turn their nose up at my distress, but it’s Atlanta and I’ve had enough.

I asked March to be gentle on me and the second day it has a chance, this is the stunt it pulls. Sigh.

So, I’m resigning myself to it. Repeatedly I’ve reminded dad that we can’t win against mother nature. At best, we can take shelter. And for this, I’m happy. I’ll just sit and watch the dance of flakes and traffic occur from my warm guest room. Accept the things I can not change. Yes, that one.

Snow snow snow. Do what you need to do. I’m watching, waiting . . .

5 responses to “Snow, snow, snow

  1. how long do you get to hang in the warm guest room?

  2. On our side of town, this snow turned out to be the worst of all worlds. Snowed just hard enough to cover the grass, but not enough to turn things nice. Then rain plinked it all to a muddy mess by evening. Just wet, cold, dreary crud weather.

    Why is the weather always so whacked in GA at this time of year?

  3. Patrick, I think the weather this year has moved beyond the normal crazy crude. Can’t wait for spring (in spite of the pollen future).

  4. the curtains! i keep forgetting to ask about them (or to take a peek). I may need some.

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