this road has been travelled

There’s a good reason for my lack of posts lately; namely, I don’t have a personal life. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. I do go out with great friends, I even finally broke the yoga barrier last weekend and relished in what it offered me — but my relationships are all friendships and they all are perfectly hum drumming along, my family seems happy, even the furry beasts seem content (though a tad disgruntled at my late hours early in the week).

In short, life is good but lacking drama. I even got a raise at work and good marks on my evaluation (but let’s face it, I expected both and would have been appalled with anything else — that’s not immodest, that’s honest).

And all of this ease makes me . . . well, it makes me want something else. I can’t help but feel the path is too worn and, not too long ago, I was on a much stonier one. So Florence begins to pull at me again. I start missing the cappuccino, hearing the language, the red-tiled rooftops and church bells. Being alien. I really miss being alien. So I try to compensate with a film, a random phrase that confounds students, recreating a dish at home. But alien . . . well, you can’t recreate that — you must encounter it.

So all signs point to travel. I need to go somewhere new. Somewhere alone. Somewhere far away. Until then I guess I’ll seek the new in the familiar.

2 responses to “this road has been travelled

  1. I could not possibly agree more with this blog. I feel like you pulled the thought straight out of my head.

  2. Ah, Julia, you are lucky. A raise! I haven’t had a raise in nearly two years, will not expect one this year, nor in any foreseeable future at my library, nor will anyone at any of the other libraries or other public jobs around here. Wages and hiring frozen. There are cuts and downsizing across all industries, school budgets slashed, my budget slashed, and I’ve had to figure out how to offer more services to needy families with less.

    Meanwhile, costs have gone up, we’ve been told that we will be expected next year to contribute even more of our salaries to the State Retirement Fund, money that is matched by the city, but the city’s contribution can’t be taken unless the employee has been here for at least five years. It’s like a savings account that the employee earns no interest on before that time. And no one knows what will happen regarding what will be covered for health insurance next year.

    I feel fortunate to have a job, a roof over my head, friends and enough to eat, which is more than a lot of people have. The director at my library decided to eliminate the wildly popular downloadable audio books subscription, rather than fire anyone.

    But I understand the yen for travel and otherness. There is nothing quite like being in another country. And traveling also provides much fodder for writing.

    If you can’t make it right away to another country, I think you are right that there are places closer to home, little pockets of cultural uniqueness. NYC is like going to another country as are some of the wilder national parks. My aunt told me about an island in the south inhabited by the ancestors of former slaves with a very unique dialect. She said that was like a foreign country and she’s been all over the world.

    As a westerner, I found Tally to be foreign. Maybe that’s why I’ll always love Tally.

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