January buzzed by

Oh heavens. It’s been too long and too hectic. I mean, iPad has been released to the public, I got a year older officially, Zoë got older, the academy has announced it’s Oscar nominees. Whew. It’s all just a bit too much to process.

Therefore, I’m writing tonight from work. 75/85 southbound is a sluggish river of headlights. Most of the buildings around me have cut off their office lights, but a few floors remain illuminated — and the occasional solo worker alone. I always wonder if, like me, they get more work done with the co-workers gone.

Anyway, all that is an aside. January is gone. All the memories and events I could have shared have eclipsed. I’ll do better.

How did the groundhog do? I really am hoping for an early, productive Spring! And who, other than me, is going to planted in front of the television to catch the last season of Lost?

One response to “January buzzed by

  1. Beauregard Lee stayed out to play so Atlanta will have an early spring! I certainly need it, Florida has been the coldest in my memory; but our alternate home in Mentone is much colder. Daffodils please pop your yellow heads out soon, I need the uplift!

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