Aughts be gone

I wanted to write something lovely, something that would tidy up the decade nicely so I could send it on its way. But, like so much of the past 10 years, I’m out of time.

In an earlier post, I pointed out that it has been a sucky decade — but I’m a creature of positive and negative, so let me point out some of the good things that have (personally) happened.

  • My god-daughter was born in this decade. That would be the number one good thing. She redeems a lot, in my mind.
  • I earned my 2nd Masters and that has led me to a profession that I love and feel comfortable in.
  • Naturally, I can’t not mention Italy. Being able to survive and experience life outside of my comfort zone; getting to know wonderful people; walking the streets of Florence; well — the whole life I lived there has left a permanent and beautiful mark on me.
  • Alternately, living in Tallahassee definitely allowed me to meet some of the best and most interesting people ever. Those Tally days where I emerged from heart ache, walked the quiet neighborhood of pine trees, laughed with Cheryl, played with little Evan, and all of the time with Claudia and the muslibfolk — well, that helped make me stronger.

There are little things, private things that I’ll leave off. But I will say I find it fitting that I left Atlanta in 1999 and ended the aughts back here. Honestly, it’s been a mixed bag of tricks. The whole decade has been that. Maybe it’s not the decade’s fault. I know deep down that is life. Good and bad, pain and pleasure, alienation and connection. It will happen again and again, in different ways for us all. The repetition can be a comforting hum.

Happy New Decade everyone! I’m taking Kimbre’s advice and blending it with my own needs. So tonight I’ll be a bit social and say goodbye to the aughts with friends, but will wake early and great the new year alone and looking at the world. Greens and black-eyed peas to follow (certo).

3 responses to “Aughts be gone

  1. Happy New Decade to you, too, lovely friend! I am blessed to know you.

  2. Happy New Year, Julia! Stuck home tonight — there’s a blizzard here so plans were cut short with friends. Weather and roads are supposed to be just as bad tomorrow. So this New Year’s Eve finds me by myself to ring it in. That’s okay. Alone time is good time to reflect on the many changes in my life this decade, and on moving forward. To remember that even the most bitter of times have had sweetness.

    Wishing you a wonderful new decade, surrounded by beauty with far more of the sweet than the bitter.

  3. Happy new decade to Julia and friends! The ten’s will encompass the most profound and exciting innovations our world has ever experienced. They will change our lives for the good. Dad and I spent the New Year eve in Mentone with friends from the 1980’s. They have a few extra wrinkles and walk a little slower, but their wit, laughter and warm hugs are still the same. Regardless of the decade we enter, family and friends make the difference regardless of the place. Even if we are alone.

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