October — a.m

As I exit the bat cave in the morning, it is a bit darker now. Sunrise is in progress over Mary Mac’s parking lot and the sky gives me a rosy glow. I wish for a camera, but something about it is so personal, so perfect, I’d rather not share.

Everything is darker now (in part due to the re-paving of Myrtle). It’s my last few moments of quiet, that short stretch of pavement. As soon as I take a right on Piedmont, the rest of Atlanta begins catching up with me. It’s nice. It’s coffee weather. Sweaters are needed for more than just my climate controlled existence in a building. I know it’s time to add another blanket on the bed and set my alarm clock earlier because fall mornings take longer to start. These are the last shreds of summer, still slightly green in the trees.

I wish I could wrap it all up and keep it for the frenetic and frenzy. Just writing it down to savour later.

3 responses to “October — a.m

  1. Nice savoring. I’m hoping for a colorful walk in the woods very soon.

  2. Autumn in Atlanta! My favorite season. I wish I could take a walk in Piedmont Park this morning. It is “stagnant summer” in the panhandle. We never get a real fall with all these pines that are forever green. Maybe the pecan trees will change soon. Thank goodness for my maple tree that will turn red soon.

  3. Oh, that reminds me…I need to change the photo on this blog. Will do that this weekend.

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