Some stuff that has recently made me happy

Progress in the search for an AIDS vaccine:

I’ve been waiting for this since I was very young and watching the first person I knew die of AIDS. And some (maybe reasonably so), let’s just call them Justin, have pointed out it seems like very little progress — but for a change I’m trying on some optimism. For every person that helped raise me, took care of me, fixed my hair and cooked for me that is now dead from this disease — I’m saying today is a day to be happy about.

Another, globally less significant but esthetically pleasing, thing is this blog about literary tattoos: It’s full of really cool stuff. I was disappointed there was not a documented example of Faulkner on flesh and only one Melville — come on people, get your words on! Thanks Lori for the find.

And Margaret Atwood released The Year of the Flood the day Atlanta flooded. The flooding part didn’t make me happy, the coincidence does appeal to me, but Atwood releasing a book really knocks a few endorphins around in my skull. Can’t wait to read it.

I’m putting these positive things out there. There has been a lot in the news that honestly makes me cry. There has been a lot in life that leaves me confused and angry. But why focus on that here. For the moment, I’m only going to put the good word out. Add a bliss list of your own.

2 responses to “Some stuff that has recently made me happy

  1. Last weekend I was remembering Lynn sitting on our Grant Park front porch swing French braiding your hair and convincing you that you would be beautiful when your face caught up with your eyes and nose- he was correct!. You were the only third grader whose mother had a gay male secretary, gay business partner, and gay best friend. I miss all of them. Only John T survived, he celebrated his 80th birthday last year. But .the first friend to die of AIDS was not gay, he had hemophilia. He taught at GSU and played poker with your dad. Do you remember him? I figured you were writing about Greg. Yes that was sad, but you helped make a quilt square for him and honored him by walking. You are beautiful in many ways.

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