old friends, new discoveries

We were walking along night Chicago and stumbled upon a fountain. I’d read of a fountain that would spout on the hour and wondered aloud if this could be the one. Waiting was an option, even though early trains had to be boarded and our pumpkin state may begin to show.

We, I should explain, were Jessica and Eric Harbeson and myself; and we were post dinner, post walk and a bit tired; but (for me anyway) happy to be talking in person after a few years of distance. Eric is a music librarian and Jessica is my birthday/hobbit twin. They are 2 of my favorite Tallahassee discoveries — but we have all moved on geographically. There was a lot to catch up on: careers, moves, politics. It was an easy evening of eating, talking and walking. My favorite kind. (And we were able to also deplete the world from the plague of chocolate mousse — the war wages on.)

So we stood at the fountain (I think it’s the Buckingham fountain) and waited. Just when it seemed it wasn’t that fountain — right when I began to doubt serendipity — the show began. Who knew it also involved music? And colored lights? It was a spectacle for certain. As I sat watching the water against the night sky, grinning like a fool, I realized I’m a child. We are all children in need of spectacle, whimsy, discovery and friends.

So I’ll love Chicago for that (and street performers, gorgeous buildings, pedestrian attitude, water, public art, food, etc. etc. etc.). Thanks Kimbre, Micheal, Eric and Jessica for taking time out of a busy conference schedule to meet with me!

(yes, yes, pictures soon to follow)

2 responses to “old friends, new discoveries

  1. Wow! Seahorses, colored water, music, night skies, and friendly conversations. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Julia, it was so much fun to see you again! Did you find any presents Tuesday? Security at the airport wanted to know why I had so many kids books. Actually, they were more excited about confiscating my illegal container of yogurt (it never occurred to me that that was a liquid), which I offered to an agent with zero sense of humor because I hated the idea of that delicious blueberry yogurt going to waste.

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