Chi-town or bust

The Windy City, CHILL, whatever you want to call it — tomorrow I’m headed towards Chicago. I sort of patched this trip together because the ALA convention is there (reason driven), but it doesn’t deter from the fact I’ve wanted to visit Chicago for as long as I can remember (desire driven). Of course, me being a librarian, I’m sure you’d all expect I’d know something about it. Perhaps I have a little book with notes and a list of things to do. Ha! I’m clueless. In a last minute effort to find something out, I did buy a book (Lonely Planet). And this morning I decided to at least look up the hotel where I’ll be staying.

I remember thinking the name sounded familiar when I booked it, I’ll give it that. But trust me, I had no idea when I plucked my lodgings from a list of hotels convenient to the convention what I had just done. Yep, the Palmer House Hilton. Just click on the link and try not to hate me. My heart is doing back flips. I know, I know; it’s just a hotel — but it looks so pretty.

The whole thing is tarnished by the fact I’ll be alone. Single is my current status in life (I do manage to always find it again). However, I’ll get to see some old friends (Eric, Jessica, Kimbre, maybe Bob, who knows?!) and meet my fellow Westwood colleagues finally and buy cool stuff for the learning commons — and that’s a lot. Maybe it’s so much that a few nights solo in a fancy hotel won’t feel so lonely?

3 responses to “Chi-town or bust

  1. The hotel looks gorgeous, but i want to go just to sleep in “Hilton’s new Serenity Dreams bed” with “Fine European-style linens.” Ah, sleep. And please have a cocktail at the lobby bar. And please please go to the Art Institute.

  2. Little Editor,

    Ain’t you SPECIAL. Can I come to Chicago and have afternoon tea with you?


  3. I forgot to ask. Did you see the new Modern wing at the Art Institute? Also, did you get to see any plays? Theater in Chicago is fabulous!

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