Quietly clicking away

The library is full, but quiet. It must be that magic week were everyone is still motivated, but also thoroughly into all of their projects. So they sit, they type away, they occasionally ask questions. There is even a haze outside the windows that wraps the morning skyline into a warm snug while we sit at our climate controlled lives.

This is peace.

Sure, everything else in life seems to be falling into a whirlpool, but in this moment there is the universal concept of hushed progress and direction. The students have it when all else fails. Maybe it’s an illusion; if so, it’s one I need.

One response to “Quietly clicking away

  1. You describe this moment in time so beautifully. I remember the atmosphere from Goldstein days, but what you are describing NEVER happens in a public library. There are moments of quiet between the general flurry and chaos, but peace? Certainly not. Still, I like the wildness of being a children’s librarian; it’s always exciting! If I want peace, however, I need to be far away from my library.

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