may round up

I was just called “library lady” so I’ve begun to retort by calling them “student dude” or some other vague reference.

And that sums it up. My month has been surrounded by students. Not just my students, but students at the other campus because I’ve found myself driving to Northlake in the absence of a librarian. May — the month of spring and promise — has by and large been about work.

There was a brief respite Memorial Day weekend, and I really wish I had taken pictures of the girls going out that Saturday. Fun is an understatement and all of my trickery, playful instincts came out for one night.  Carefree takes some of the age away.

And, I should give big kudos to mother nature and Atlanta for producing one glorious month. I’m having a renaissance with my southern city.

Next month is travel time and then some more after that. Not to mention my 20 year high school reunion. Yeah, that will stop you in your tracks.

I promise pics next time!

2 responses to “may round up

  1. I didn’t know if I was allowed to share the pics. I need everyone’s ok.

  2. Busy but going well for you. Glad to hear that. My 30th high school reunion is this summer. It’s in Loveland, Colorado (the first reunion my class has held), but I’m not going. It’s during the busiest time for youth services librarians. Also, the people I’d want to see would not be the ones going. I wonder if that is often true with high school reunions — that the people you would like to see are not the ones who will be going. Still, it’s weird thinking that I haven’t been in the town where I grew up in 21 years. I think that is not true for you; you’ve probably been there many times and kept track of many of those you went to school with.

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