drops of golden sun

It has been a trying year.

So I’m trying to turn the periscope into a kaleidoscope and look at the random bits that can make up a beautiful picture. Nothing is too trivial. Not even getting The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Australia and History of Violence sent by Netflix in the mail together. Seeing that lovely trifocal of red envelopes made me almost burst.

And this week I watched Z in her Pre-K Celebration. Sure, a pessimist would point out that I didn’t have my camera charged in order to document, but the thing is I was in town. I just drove down the street, parked my car and watched several yelling, jumping, giddy 5 year-olds sing and dance and be kids. I was able to remember the joy of discovering a sillhouette is created when you have a projector behind you. All their shadows jumping up and down, making bunnies with their hands. Discovery keeps everything firing and thinking and boom — awareness. I guess I’m saying, kids are cool.

Album 88 played songs from musicals the other day as I was driving through a typically Atlanta spring day. So I have The Sound of Music running through me. The insects’ nocturnal chorus helps me eventually find the ladder to sleep. There are random things I’d forgotton about living here.

But today, a very real pleasure. I’ve been told that finally, after months of appeal and documenting and pleading, finally, my library just approved 18 new computers for my students in my space. I know. It must seem so trivial for so many of you. But this has required all of my patience, all of my strategy, so much energy. Ultimately, this could have cost me some allies in the world I work in — but it is almost done. And I’ll wear this smile all day.

Yep, among a few of my favorite things, victory can now be added.

3 responses to “drops of golden sun

  1. Nice. I’m inspired. As usual. xoxoxo

  2. You are so enterprising! Did this victory require good planning?, manipulation?, timing or luck? So many of your past victories required all four elements, I was just curious!

  3. Having had to go through numerous of my own library battles to get something needed accomplished, I can say that obtaining 18 new computers is no trivial accomplishment. Congratulations on this victory and what it will mean for your students.

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