Energy burn

Maybe I do need children after all? No, that’s silly, I can borrow those too.
Saturday I worked at the library, longingly looked outside at the lovely day that was shaping up. After all that pent up energy, I thought it wise when released back into the world to head to the Howard-Barrs and disturb their Saturday plans. I found Darryl in the yard making home improvements so I borrowed gloves and a t-shirt and tried to help out. It’s a major drawback of apartment living that you have to borrow someones yard in order to get really dirty.
After that I borrowed Lori and Heather and Mendy for some diner and drinks at the standard, the Highlander. Mendy and I noticed that it is about to celebrate its 17th anniversary and I believe she and I have been there for all 17 of those years. We ended the night with chocolate and laughter that went on until 2. Very fun and I am ashamed to say that I slaughtered any chance of Mendy being able to enjoy Twilight with my not too kind candor. My cheeks hurt the next day from all of the hilarity. As I told Mendy the next day, those are some wrinkles I’ll enjoy.
And now my work week begins and there is bad news in my adopted country of Italy. It doesn’t seem that the earthquake hit Florence, but still send good thoughts to those impacted and debris lifting vibes to those lending a hand.

4 responses to “Energy burn

  1. Ah, good times. Very sorry I missed them. Seems like my ladies had a one for the books! When are we going to write that book?

  2. Three cheers for Julia’s green thumbs!

    17 cheers for the Highlander!

  3. I have not laughed that hard in months! Thanks for being the host of yet another one for the books!!!

    We should really go by the Highlander on Saturday and order a Minderaser for old times! Just wish I still had my blue lace dress and my docs to wear…heehee!!!

  4. You Girls are the giggliest, happiest, most joyful and wonderful girls in the world. I speak not only of the party girls on Ponce, but all the members of the blog community. How lucky am I to be in the inner circle! Oh I forget I was the instigator of some of those giggles. I still remember hearing you all yell from the drive way in Morningside “We are going to the Highlander, don’t wait up” Was that 17 years ago?

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