Crawling towards spring

I just shoveled banana nut bread into my system for breakfast. It’s no way to behave; I shouldn’t be eating at my desk (no food in the library — I mean learning commons). And today, my morning window is telling me that Atlanta is not there yet. Considering yesterday found me at Piedmont park eating al fresco, today’s gloomy morn is a bit of a blow. Of course it’s still March and others have pointed out their out and out cold state. Indeed, my colleagues in Denver spent the weekend shoveling snow. I don’t have a right to complain.

Instead I’ll just say that seeing Amy Lowell’s poem Vernal Equinox struck me as appropriate today. Especially her unease with the thrusting of green shoots and wondering at the absence of her overpowering love. It’s good stuff.

The scent of hyacinths, like a pale mist, lies between me and my book;
And the South Wind, washing through the room,
Makes the candles quiver.
My nerves sting at a spatter of rain on the shutter,
And I am uneasy with the thrusting of green shoots
Outside, in the night.

Why are you not here to overpower me with your tense and urgent love?

7 responses to “Crawling towards spring

  1. Oh, nice. I envy your al fresco dining with two of the loveliest ladies in Atlanta!

  2. Speaking of thrusting shoots, Dad planted 100 strawberry plants, 4 apricot trees (they were only three feet high, but already had a few blooms). 8 plum trees, apple trees, peach trees, forsythia, raspberry bushes, blackberry bushes and his original 120 blueberry bushes from earlier this month. Tell us the story behind your new picture on blog. Spring is really here! I need Shelby!

  3. And I as always need Sandra! Love you!

  4. Dear Sandra and Ray,

    Please tell me you’d be up for a Howard-Barr visit/cobbler-making session this summer!



  5. Dearest Howard-Barr family! We are always happy for a visit from our sweet family and precious Zoe. We have many blueberry bushes a few will produce in May. Ray cleverly bought four varieties so the 120 bushes will produce from May through August. Today he planted the raspberries, they might not bear fruit until next year. However we have wild blackberries that grow down the fence along the dirt road (Memory Lane). So many cobblers await you!!

  6. Shelby you have a open invitation for cobbler making. Bring your Mom, because as you recall she and I do very well in the kitchen together. I could have used you expertise today because Ray insisted on planting Bradford pears in the orchard space with the peaches, pears, apples and plums. I told him the were ornamental and suggested the gate to the dog yard, but he was the one with the hole digger. Also it is his birthday so I let him win the argument. (Let’s transplant them one evening on your next visit). Shhhhhh he is listening.

  7. Love Ray as I do, I completely agree with you. Actually can’t imagine why he bought them in the 1st place! They are terrible litterers and the smell!!! In the mountains this weekend I noticed how beautifully Red Buds and Dogwoods bloom together. I recommend that combo for ornamentals.

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