2009–an appeal

(with apologies to Devon)

Dear 2009,

March is sliding into April. I’m pointing that out, because clearly I’ve been holding on to hope. But now I’m officially voicing a complaint. I don’t know if it’s because I wore a flaming pink scarf on New Year’s Eve (and I never wear neon colors), you saw our giddy heights around Jan. 20th, maybe it’s the pleasure I had several weekends ago with my friends at a concert or recently in Miami.  Regardless, there seems to be a universal gloom and crankiness about you. People are depressed. My friends’ health issues and my own scares are alarming and exhausting. The financial tatters that the world is clinging to is causing winkles around normally smiling mouths. There is a tightness in everyone’s eyes that makes me hurt on the inside.

So what is up? What is it you want? A little recognition? In American history, you’re already going to go down as the year of change. I mean, that’s big stuff right there. And personally, there is so much potential for you. Travel. Steady income. I mean, you and I could have a lot of fun while you are around. Can you ease up a bit? Because lately, you really have been a bit of a killjoy and insomnia inducing. And that’s cutting into my positive energy I’m trying to emit. Consider my appeal and call me when you’re ready to have some fun.

In peace,


9 responses to “2009–an appeal

  1. No apology, necessary. I think your letter to 2009 was well timed and quite necessary.

  2. You know what is funny, I think this general anxiety and discontent is being voiced in the rage of the FB update. People are so upset by the change. Making threats, starting petitions, etc. Here is my confession. Not only do I like the redesign, I can’t remember what the old facebook even looked like. Julia’s right, Lighten up. It’s Springtime! Let’s have us some fun! (as soon as I can stand up straight that is!) xoxoxo

  3. As long as I don’t read the news, I am fine.

  4. Cheryl, you sound like me circa 2001-2005

  5. I just returned from Lowe’s garden shop in Dothan. (because Ray’s dentist is in Dothan, yes 1 hour away, a doctor 1 hour in the other direction–the joys of being in the country) However, I feel so happy because the oak trees along the way had those light green buds, bees were along the side of the road where red clover bloomed, birds are singing. Get outdoors, buy some plants or just visit a garden center. It will adjust your attitude for the better. I went for bedding plants and bought two orchids for the house instead.

  6. Oh, I wish I could go down there and see the new farm additions. Blueberry bushes? Trees? I know dad’s got something brewing for the birds and the bees.

  7. Maybe it’s where I live, where people are not losing their jobs in the double digits, but instead there is an unemployment rate of a more modest 7 percent. Most people seem relatively happy here in Idaho due to the fact family roots run deep and people are not trying to face hardship all their own with no support mechanisms. We do have many people who have lost their homes, but they have family they can live with. They reason that there are people in much worse shape and seem fairly resilient. I imagine that people feel more miserable in cities like Detroit. As for me, I’ve been here before. It was very bad in the early 80s, especially if you were young or a farmer. We still managed to keep relatively happy most times. As for Facebook, I’m not thrilled with the new page, but that seems pretty minor.

    I feel a little jealous of those of you who live in places where it is already spring! It’s cold where I live. Warm is at least a month away. I dream of spring…

  8. I’ve been pretty happy with 2009 so far.

  9. I agree, it’s getting better Justin (in spite of hollow feeling) You have a lovely little lady to share the newness of life with — which has got to make it good.

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