shhh . . .

I’m supposed to be working.

It’s a busy day of accreditation here at Westwood. Actually, this is the “quality audit” stage. Regardless, I really shouldn’t be writing. But that’s me — always the rebel, never the ruler.

I just had to say how much fun I had with the gang. It was a great gathering of friends, music, personality profiling (I’m an INFP) and cheddar biscuits and snow and a whole lot of laughter. Thanks to all of you: Miche, Shane, Will and Shelby for driving down and Lori for joining in the merriment.

Great fun. But no, I didn’t get any pictures of my guests — I did take tons at Lea’s First Birthday Party (which I will upload at some point).

Until more news and pics, feel free to discover yourself at

2 responses to “shhh . . .

  1. A lovely lovely weekend (if low on sleep, etc.). Great friends, great food, great music, and great snow!

  2. Great biscuits! Love my baby girls!

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