Car wheels on a gravel road

Yep, Lucinda Williams is playing this weekend and the gang is headed down from NC!  Shame about my sinus infection keeping me from winning any “good housekeeping awards” . Domestic diva I’m not nor have ever been  (and hopefully their love for me adjusts expectations accordingly). And 2 cats do not a housekeeper make — IMHO. Of course, 2 cats may make me get a housekeeper . . .

Doesn’t matter though! Just looking forward to great talks, music, visits, updates and sharing of dreams and encouragement. And food! Can’t forget food (this weekend I’m “off diet”.)

But I’ll kick start all of that with a massage this afternoon. Long, overdue, massage. If I’m reduced to a puddle, then maybe someone from NC can come “sweep up my lazy bones” before the show. (I know, Beck and Lucinda is an odd pairing.)

Hopefully I’ll have pictures next week. Darling Nikki has been a bit impatient with me lately.

Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Car wheels on a gravel road

  1. Wish I could be there and I would clean house for you; just to be with your special Carolina friends. Michelle’s laughter and wit, Shane’s warm hugs and sweet nature, Shelby’s good stories and photos, and I would try to outshine Sweet Prince William with my stories. Impossible but fun. Love you guys, come visit me next. Pecan pies await you!

  2. Long overdue massage…that’s my girl.

    You should go to jeju every month
    especially now with the snow

    and don’t forget to bring your lovers
    to Ru San!


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