post-euphoric monday buzz

Naughty clowns, flashing lights, bendy twins and dancing skeletons — Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza was a big visual feast yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure how it ranks against the others that I’ve seen, but it was still the magical concoction of all that is awe and heart stopping. And this year I had the added benefit of sharing it with Lily who is 5 and was definitely intrigued by the whole thing (“They are NOT going to ride that bike across that wire?!”). A few times even Mendy looked like she had  stopped breathing and Lori was surely as impressed as everyone else by the unicyclist, jugglers and chair climbers. And the big wheel riders deserve second mentioning — really check them out here. Of course, I also couldn’t help but notice the production details that make all that magic work. That may be the coolest aspect of the whole show.

Then to follow that up with the Oscars. Wow. Jon Stewart was phenomenal. I didn’t know he could sing AND dance. And boy does he look great in a tux! I think he’s been working on his tan too. I’m not sure about the Aussie accent — at times it didn’t play to well coming from a Jew from Jersey. His love for the musical being choreographed to a T with the vocal assist by Beyonce — I’m still reeling from it all. And the awards themselves, I liked the changes. My favorite being how they presented the screenplay nominees.

Such a great weekend. I still have stars in my eyes.

3 responses to “post-euphoric monday buzz

  1. I’m glad you finally made it to see Kooza. Jane is still pouring over the program and talking about the acts.

  2. Don’t worry Julia we will get you on some meds for your delusions!

  3. HellOooOoOo there Julia :0) This is Jon Odom….long time no see!!! I talked to Karen a couple of weeks ago and she told me you was back in the ATL I asked for your number but the number she gave me is not in service. I managed to find you here via your myspace page/blog. If you could get with me…email/ message me myspace etc…with your number that would be cool Peace! “the Odom guy”

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