Oscar conspiracy

OK, I’ve thought it ever since I heard that Hugh Jackman was hosting the Oscars and now I want to be public about it so that you all can bow down and worship my clairvoyant being when I’m right — Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars.

That’s the surprise, that’s why he’s not got new episodes this week, that’s why he said a week before the Jackman announcement to one of his guests that he’d “see him at the show”. It all fits.

And it has to fit. Mainly because I missed the Oscars that he did host due to being in a non-Oscar obsessed land and I love Jon Stewart.

Time will tell. And if I’m wrong, post all the raspberries you want. Oh, and please feel free to publicly poke holes in my theory — it will make the “called-it” moment much sweeter.

5 responses to “Oscar conspiracy

  1. And the Oscars are being directed by JJ Abrams.

  2. That would be fairly incredible. Big dance sequence at the end. Losers crooning to the winners.

  3. Though I think that the choice of Jackman is odd, I don’t think there is any major surprise in store for us.

  4. The Oscar people are floating rumors of changes, trying to build hype. How much are they really like to alter, though? One thing I’m sure we’ve all heard is that some big starts won’t appear on the red carpet, so their first reveal will be on stage at the show. And this has some dress designers pissed off. Etc.

  5. Less Lisa Rinna will do everyone much good!

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