First, what happened with the groundhog? I was news deprived. Considering tomorrow’s high is in the low 30s, I’m hoping it was some good news.

Second, happy 43rd anniversary mom and pops! I guess I need to start saving up now for that golden anniversary present.

Third, boo hiss Shelby. Somehow (perhaps the inability to sit in pants) I got smooth talked into the 11 day diet (aka torture to the food loving me). Sure I get 4 meals, but what about the rest??? Boo, hiss. Though, I must say, my banana shake this morning has me stuffed to the gills. However, we should still throw virtual snowballs at her (and send a glare on my behalf towards the direction of Raleigh NC).

Fourth, wish me happy calm thoughts tomorrow at around 1 EST. More on that later . . .

a dopo!

One response to “tidbits

  1. Oh please–In 9 days you will be back here singing my praises. And what happened to we are in this together??? Please, sister, please.

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