Darling Nikki

OK, I know yesterday’s wish was not a material thing, but as material things go the gift that I recieved has been something I’ve wanted for quite some time. Mom and dad had a little bird (thanks Lori!) tell them I have been wanting a better digital camera. What I was going to buy myself is something with a bit more finesse than my point and shoot handy camera. But I wouldn’t even look at the real digital — the lust and longing would be too much.

And so, as with all things Padgett, a pebble begins an avalanche. This time, it is definitely to my advantage. I’ll share the things I shoot.

Help me welcome and name my new Nikon D60. I’m thinking of calling it Darling Nikki. Any ideas?

[Product Image] Nikon D60

2 responses to “Darling Nikki

  1. That’s one sexy (taint-free) camera!

  2. How wonderful for you! I used my Bush tax refund toward the purchase of a Nikon D-80, which is wonderful and can be used either fully manual, or automatic. I call it my D-80, which is rather boring. I like your Darling Nikki for a name. Or maybe you could call your new camera Nickie.

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