On the themes of change

First, you must understand the iGoogle page. This is a page anyone can set up as their start page that has translators, calenders, weather, news, and a host of other things. For example, my iGoogle page has a daily horoscope, OED and dictionary.com word of the day, weather, translator, NYTimes, Google map, how-to of the day and quotes of the day. I find I use my translator the most. The only thing I really do not like about having an iGoogle page is that occasionally Google has some funky art to create it’s name around holidays and special days and iGoogle DOES NOT reflect that. Odd. So I find myself clicking on the classic Google page just to make certain I’m not missing the birthday of a scientist or some holiday fun.  Over the holidays that had a toy maker making toys for several days, instead of the standard multi-colored Google — very warm and comforting. It’s too entertaining to miss for us office mice. However, the classic Google’s occasional fun pales in comparison with the iGoogle themes, some of which are done or inspired by artists.

So I’ve become a theme junkie. And finally I decided to just take choice out of the picture and make the “theme of a day” become my theme. Until now. Yesterday’s theme was this odd artistry of big-headed children and pulled back clouds and parchment tones on blue. I can’t even describe it. Anyway, I fell in love with the creativity and decided today to go and find the artist. The problem is that there are hundreds of themes, you have to comb through page after page. Luckily, around page 35 or so, I think I found her.

Carrie Chau is the artist and the theme is here. Please check her out. Some people that have commented on her theme that find her scary, but most of us see a rich imagination at play. And for those of you that don’t, I encourage you to set up an iGoogle account and find a theme that makes your day. Just don’t forget to check the Google classic view to see if it changes.

2 responses to “On the themes of change

  1. You’ve inspired me.

  2. i felt the exact same way about yesterday’s theme. i loved it, and when a new theme was there today, all i could think about was how much i wanted the other one back. i searched and couldn’t find it. i googled “yesterday’s theme of the day” and found a link to your blog. thank you for finding the name of the theme… enjoy!

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