Flu-like symptoms

I really feel fine other than the chills and complete exhaustion. Of course, Shelby began to wonder if I had a fever when I admired this pair of shoes:

shoesI mean, come on, they aren’t that bad. I think I could pull them off with feathered hair and a jewel-toned angora sweater and high gloss applied to the lips. Come to think of it, Tiffany was truly a misrepresented artist. Right?

Or, perhaps she does need to stage an intervention.

9 responses to “Flu-like symptoms

  1. Do not go shopping until I am there to supervise. You buy one pair of shoes every two years–these can not be among them!

  2. I think they’re kind of cute, and certainly a wild choice for our librarian friend. But i’m not sure if i’ve ever seen you in 3″ heels. Where would you actually wear them?

  3. I could wear them on Ponce when I was low on cash? OK, 3 inch heels would put me at 6 feet tall, so maybe not.

  4. At least then you’d be as tall as your wing-span! 🙂

  5. Julia, I have sprained feet from a sports injury. What these shoes look like is something not to be walked in without becoming crippled. Maybe that’s the point. They’re are to be looked at upon the feet while the person wearing them is in a seated position.

  6. Kimbre, I hope your injury heals quickly. And yes, I agree about the shoes. I get a ton of comments from friends about my “librarian shoes” but I prefer my feet to have firm contact with the ground.

  7. Julia, My feet are all taped up and I’m ready to fight with airport security about not taking off my shoes until after I go through the machine — they can scan my shoes after I sit down. :~) Good news is the feet are getting better, thanks.

  8. And how come men never have to think about librarian shoes? All their shoes are comfortable while attractive women’s shoes are often torture devices made to cripple anyone over 35.

  9. I’m actually happy to be a librarian — because it allows me to wear sensible shoes. (My ankle sprain occurred 10 years ago and I haven’t worn a pair of heels since then.)

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