Let it snow (update)

There is a chance of snow tonight (or not).

In that spirit, I’ve added some to the blog. Maybe I should change the picture to something more wintry?

(update) —I saw nary a flake float down 😦

Oh well, I’m keeping the pseudo snow!

4 responses to “Let it snow (update)

  1. How did you make it snow? That is so cool. And yes, it makes me giddy too!

  2. appearance / extras / show snow!

    (gotta love wordpress)

  3. lovely snow. if only we’d been snowed in this morning, trapped w/books and cats.

  4. It snowed in the Boise area where I live tonight, but didn’t stick. It may do so this weekend since it’s in the forecast. I like your snow and am curious how you got this affect? Very nice.

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