NYE suggestions

It’s early, but I don’t care. I want to have fun on New Year’s Eve (it being my favorite holiday) and I want to compensate for the fact I’m not going to be in Florence strolling the streets with my favorite travelling companion (Luigi).

So, I’m asking for some help. What can a geographically single lady (who’s in a relationship) do for New Year’s Eve that has elements of friendship, champagne, music and mild debauchery? And still feel good about myself in the morning? And will keep me out of any confessional booths (has and would never happen anyway).

I’ll give you some guidelines (other than champagne). I am willing to travel a little bit. I want to at least have to fix my hair. I prefer there to be other people around me. (ie me dressed up, sitting on my sofa with a glass of champagne and alone is not what I’m going for.) I need to be able to burn scraps of paper. I don’t want to see vomit. I’m even willing to host a party if anyone would show up.

OK, help! I’m accepting suggestions here and via email.

5 responses to “NYE suggestions

  1. Come to Raleigh–We can walk to Glenwood.

  2. Or come to Tallahassee and see our fabulous new house!

  3. Oh, Sarah, I’ll have to do that regardless of the day. you must be excited.

    And now I’ve found out that Erin McKeown is playing in Philly for NYE . . .

  4. Julia,

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration! Anamika and I have been trying to figure out where the picture you have posted here and on Facebook is. Anamika thinks it is MacClay Gardens. I think that is a possibility. So where is this lovely picture from?

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