If I write it, it is true, yes?

Saturday I dropped Luigi off and picked Shelby up at the airport. He was jokingly calling me the “eternal host” due to my busy house schedule, but Shelby chipped in and helped me clean and tidy the apartment for Sunday’s big cheese party. Yes, someone brought up fondue and the next thing you know wars are waged on Cheddar and Swiss and chocolate.

I did not take any pictures. Which is one reason why I’m writing this. I have a few promises to make after the day of cheese.

  • First, I must download and post all of the pictures I’ve taken since August 8 of this year.
  • Second, eating is lighter and better for me as of today.
  • Third, my ugly habits are meeting their end times. This is my pre-holiday resolution.

Any advice? Encouragement? I’ll need every good vibe I can get.

On top of all of this, I want to commit myself to an attitude adjustment. Looking at Luigi’s pictures of my city, there is so much I just don’t see because I just don’t have the energy. There is nothing and no one preventing me from exploring all the juicy tidbits my hometown has to offer. Work is work and it pays the bills — but life . . . well, you have to pay attention to it while you can.

2 responses to “Commitment

  1. All good stuff. I have pictures to share but i am too consumed by the day to deal with my camera just yet. We are in this commitment to better living together (not just you and i there are several) and i like adding appreciation for home to the list. i need an attitude adjustment too!

  2. Some of the church going relatives on your father’s branches of our tree have theorized (sounds better than gossiped). that you and Duncan are unmarried because you are both afraid of “commitment”. I have solid faith in the fact that you both had better and more interesting choices, expanded horizons and considered your family the planet instead of a hearth in a home in a small village. White picket fences are confining. But you have the strongest “commitment” of anyone that I know. [Straight A’s while working four jobs and fixing old house.] So get busy! Reach your goals!

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