Yes we did!

Jon Stewart gave me the best news ever last night at around 11 pm. And then I finally allowed the tears and the champagne to flow.

I’m so proud of the country and that blue tip at the edge of US that we call Florida. Everyone, give yourselves and your neighbors a pat on the shoulders. I’d love to hear how you will remember it. Write it down now before the memory fades. History people. Real history. Wow.

love love love and happiness . . .

(Shelby, this has to be the best birthday present ever, right? I mean, the whole country chipped in.)

2 responses to “Yes we did!

  1. Barak is in the House!!!!!

    When I saw tears streaming down Jesse Jackson’s face, it really hit me: Obama is close to being a hero like Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I am so proud of this country.

  2. Today I got most excited about having a new Cabinet. Yes, we have a great captain, but soon we are going to have a whole new team!

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