Saved by the fish

I’ve been playing Luigi’s hostess for almost a week; for the most part, I’ve felt like a failure. We had a great weekend, but let’s face it, during the week I work and I’m not living in a public transportation friendly city. He has been a bit bound to my place and my hood. However, last night I felt some easing of consciousness. Mainly because of RuSan’s. It’s fishy magic, I promise.

You see, in the land of great pasta, meats, wine, et cetera it is difficult to complain. But complain I did, loudly, over the state of certain things. For example, a scarcity of international flare at the table. It’s true. Italians can cook their own dishes like no other. Yet there is a certain timidity when it comes to leaving the borders. Sure, exceptions are made and I was lucky (with the help of Luigi) to find an Indian take away that was lovely. My last year there I found what I consider passable Chinese. But I never really embraced the sushi there. If I liked it at all, it was too expensive and by far inferior to what I was accustomed. I extended my sushi snobbery to a new extreme when I blah blahed about some (albeit cheap) sushi in New York.

After such a build up, I was a bit nervous. But in my core knew I was right. And I was. After he saw the prices and tasted the goods, Mr. Picky (as opposed to my Ms. Selective) exclaimed it to be the best sushi he’d ever had. Ha! All poor hostessing guilt fled. My fears back to the corner. Ah RuSan’s, what would I do without you?

3 responses to “Saved by the fish

  1. Lafonda Latina. That Pad Thai place in VaHighlands. A Flying Biscuit. Mary Macs. And the the coup d’état krispy Kreme. Florence we may not be, but tastebud delights we have in spades.

  2. I am glad your quilt is gone! We will make up for the boredom this weekend. Andy reserved the manor house for us in Mentone. Your old turret bedroom (the Loring suite) was booked so we get the old Graham house for the same price. We can walk in those beautiful gardens and visit the special chapel room Rue ??? that you loved. I hope those exotic lilies are still alive.

  3. The leaves should be wonderful this weekend! What a great way to celebrate my birthday! And you did not lose a quilt I meant to say guilt. Do you need any quilts? I can’t wait to see wonderful Luigi and to get a hug from you!!

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