Gomorrah (again)

I got very excited while reading NYTimes’ headlines this morning. They had an image from the New York Film Festival and it seemed familiar. Sure enough, Gomorrah is (or was?) playing there. I don’t know why I was so happy. The movie depressed me and stayed with me and made me cringe and think, and I guess that’s it, this movie is great. And it’s about something real.

Whatever the reasons for a momentary smile, here’s the link to the images from the festival. Seeing the two teenagers with the guns brought it all back to me. Maybe I’ll have to watch it again. If you ever do, brace yourself. And would it be wrong to see the Changeling for the costumes? Maybe it would. But I do tend to love the emotional pull of Eastwood and it has Jolie who hasn’t been really bad before and usually is quite good.

Oh, and someone has a birthday this weekend. Hmm, who could it be? I’m getting an image. 40-ish, warm brown eyes, strange accent, pats his belly, bushy eyebrows . . . oh, right — Luigi! Happy Birthday love. Hope you find a mountain, some wine, good company and great food. Umm, hmm.

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